MLB.TV 99 Cent Pay Per View On The Way

If all the pieces fall in to place, MLB.TV will start offering pay per view games on iPhone at 99 cents a pop by the end of August (subject to the usual local blackout rules). Bloomberg’s Rich Jaroslovsky included that tidbit in the latest takeout on digital flag bearer MLBAM — its constant product rollouts, its ROI for a $77 million investment that projects $450 million revenue this year and more.

It makes sense for MLBAM to add another dish to its growing cafeteria line of ways to get live and VOD baseball including a free version, the premium MLB.TV At Bat, the add-on to watch Extra Innings games on iPhone, and more, but the one-off possibilities are intriguing — a day pass for playing a game or seeing a concert, a limited-access pass between free and all-out, etc. We’ve already seen a number of event-oriented apps, particularly around sports like Turner Sport’s, but what if you could make a micropayment of $1 or less for one day of coverage? Ditto for a day of TomTom access when you don’t need the $100 version. I’ll be very surprised if the various options being considered by Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS) and others don’t include micropayments for a story — click to read and a charge gets put on the card connected to your iTunes account.

The possible glitch is the usual one: all roads lead through Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and iTunes.