Three for Three: Redbox Sues Warner

RedboxLogoWell, we knew it was coming. Redbox has now filed a lawsuit against Time Warner’s Warner Home Video (s TWX) unit over the studio’s plan to inhibit the DVD kiosk company from obtaining new release movies as soon as they come out. For those of you keeping track, this marks the third lawsuit Redbox has filed against a major studio in response to a release window.

There’s been a lot of Redbox news in the past couple of weeks, so rather than rehashing the same language over and over, here’s a handy historical link guide to the ruckus Redbox has been causing in Hollywood:

Aug. 18, 2009: Redbox v. Universal (s GE) Will Move Forward – Redbox won a small victory in its first case.

Aug. 13: If Warner v. Redbox Was a Movie, It Would Be 28 Days Later – Warner decides it won’t play nice with Redbox.

Aug. 12: Redbox Riles Up the Movie Industry, Files Suit Against Fox – Redbox files its second studio suit over release windowing.

Aug. 11: Lions Gate Jumps Into Redbox Deal – Studios take sides, Lions Gate joins Sony (s SNE) in playing nice with Redbox.

Aug. 6: Fox Goes to War with Redbox – Studio imposes a release window against the kiosk company.

July 23: Netflix Q2 Call: More Streaming, More Redbox – In an earnings call, Netflix (s NFLX) reasserts that Redbox is its biggest competitor.

July 22: Redbox Signs Sony to a $460 Million Distribution Agreement – Sony signs up with Redbox, first studio to do so.

Oct. 15, 2008: Redbox Sues Universal – Redbox says the studio broke antitrust laws with its release window.