Rumor: Take Two Apple Tablets and Call Me in the Morning

apple-logoIt’s Apple tablet rumor time again, but this time it’s double the pleasure. An analyst told BusinessWeek that Apple is not going to build a tablet; it’s going to build two of them. One is a 6-inch “iPod Maxi,” the other, the oft-discussed 10-inch Mac tablet. You can bet it won’t be two for the price of one. This is Apple, after all.

This is the first we’ve heard of two different tablets being in the works at Cupertino. The smaller tablet mentioned fits in with our thoughts on an Apple tablet. This is basically an iPod touch with a larger screen. Such a device would be able to leverage the thousands of apps in the App Store right out of the box. Though it would be interesting to see those apps run on a larger screen, especially e-book readers.

Apple has declined to comment on the report to BusinessWeek but the analyst claims that Steve Jobs will make the final call on the tablet front — and that Apple may release one of these tablets as early as September.


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