Installing Windows 7 on the HP Mini 5101



I am downloading Windows 7 Ultimate RTM as we speak, with the intention of installing it on the HP Mini 5101. I will create a bootable USB from the Windows 7 ISO and then install from there. I’m not sure what drivers will be missing after the install completes. HP hasn’t released any Windows 7 drivers yet, so I’ll let Windows Update find what it can after the install. I’ll probably try Vista drivers and utilities for any devices not working at that point. Have any of you installed Windows 7 on the 5101 yet? How did it go?



Have installed Windows 7 from external disk, from XP and as all works fine, except one small thing.
Tried to pair bluetooth devices, but Windows 7 cannot install drivers for the devices.
Several gave problems, stereo headset, iphone.

Anybody having the same problem?


Erik, did you go to Windows Update after you finished? I’m not positive, but I thought WU put a Bluetooth update down on mine.


I just finished updating 7 Ultimate on my 5101 as well as a 2GB Kingston chip…and I can’t express how impressed I am. (wait a sec, I just did, heh) The keyboard is absolutely perfect, and the touchpad is the *best* I’ve ever used on a Windows box. Second only overall to the MacBook Pro I briefly had. Wish the right side touchpad scroll areas were working, but that’s a minor complaint. 7 just flies on this thing. Total win here by HP.

Thanks for the entries and articles, James. I read them all before doing my install, as well as Bwana’s, and the process was total cake.

By the way…was I the only idiot who didn’t realize you used the battery release switches to open the RAM cover as well? I didn’t see anything in the HP service manual to indicate such.


Hi Cliff, just use the windows vista touchpad driver. they will work under 7 too.


the wifi worked in the ultimate beta but in the final build enterprize trial ver. it wont allow me to connect


I installed Windows 7 Pro to HP Mini 5101 and I also installed all the drivers but I can’t connect to my Buffalo Wireless Airstation. Every other computer can connect to it. Is it because of WPA2? it shows very weak signal even if this netbook is next to the Buffalo.



did you install the windows updates? i wasn’t able to connect with the wireless until after running windows update & restarting.

Mike Nield

I’ve just installed the Windows 7 Enterprise trial on my 5101 following various tips from this page and it’s all working fine now. I used the USB installation method which worked a treat. I needed to install a couple of the Vista drivers/apps off the HP website as advised (the main one being for the broadcom wireless).
I have one unknown device remaining which I need to investigate.

Windows 7 is running very nicely on the 5101 though – I have the “HD” screen and it looks great.




Hey I just did the same. I bought the HP 5101 last night while I was parked on a loading zone, so was in too big rush to notice I got the version without bluetooth – oh well nothing a dongle won’t fix. W7 was a breeze and the system is fine very quick and good looking. I upgraded mem to 2gb, seems to run fine with the good looking stuff working. What a hot machine !!


Thanks Mr James Kendrick.

Everything ( wifi, trackpad, camera ) working now!! Thanks for posting the solution the new article!

Happy 5101 user in Singapore!! :D


how’s the boot time? dual-booted my hp 2140 with xp and win7 RC, but found the win7 booted a lot slower than xp. Just wondering if I did the install wrong here, any pointers?


I installed it on my Wind last week. I got lucky and didnt have to install a single driver. Wifi worked on first boot and windows update took care of the rest.


+1 with mindflyer’s suggestion.

a list of drivers & links (if manual install) would be gr8 though.

5101 has not been introduced at my country yet, but i’m planning to jump onto Win7 bandwagon once 5101 is readily available!



Mr Kendrick- can u spare some time and give some pointers on which drivers and howto manual install the wifi drivers for Win7 on the 5101?? I am a total WIndows noob but a Mac user since OS7.

Thanks in advance.

James Kendrick

The Wi-Fi wouldn’t work without a manual install of the drivers. I’ll give more details later but so far everything is now working.


Hi James Kendrick,

Could you kindly advice me what I should do? I downloaded the WIFI driver for Windows 7 from HP website but when I run the installation file (sp45671.exe), the screen disappeared and the installation did not continue. I was wondering if you can guide me how to do a manual installation. I tried to update the driver from device manager and point the path of the driver to C:swsetupsp45671 (where the files were extracted to) but Windows is unable to locate the driver.

I’ve yet to connect to the internet via LAN Cable to check if any driver can be obtained automatically. Will try later when I get a cable from my office :)

Appreciate your advice on this. Thanks.

Best regards,
Justin Ng


I have Windows 7 RC running on a HP Mini-Note 2133 with no problems. No driver issues at all. The networking through ‘Homegroup’ works great to other W7 PCs.


Actually, HP has released a LOT of Windows 7 drivers already, they’ve just done so directly into the OS and to Windows Update… that way, you get them without the added hassle of digging through the HP support site. :) There were only 4 drivers missing from my 2730p, and two of them were Intel related rather than HP.


Out of interest, what version of the QuickLaunch driver are you using GoodThings? The only one I’ve had any success with is an old version from last year but it doesn’t allow me to set the screen brightness.

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