Fix for Apple Bug Affecting Truphone and Other Apps in iPhone 3.0


iphone_bugSince updating to iPhone OS 3.0 on my iPod touch, the icons of some apps periodically get replaced with a faded version of another app’s icon, or with a strange combination of multiple images. Others don’t have an icon at all. I’ve grouped together a number of affected icons on my springboard in the screen cap to the right so you can see what I mean.

Apparently this is only affecting a small portion of users running iPhone OS 3.0. It affects my iPod touch, but my iPhone isn’t showing symptoms of it, nor is my girlfriend’s. Apple (s aapl) hasn’t yet commented on or released an update to resolve the issues. For those who are having problems, here’s a simple fix, courtesy of the good folks at Truphone, whose app appears to be one of those affected by the bug.

Step 1 – Go to the Applications section of iTunes on your iPhone/iPod touch and uncheck the affected application.

Step 2 – Sync your iPhone iPod touch.

Step 3 – Go back into the Applications section of iTunes on your iPhone/iPod touch and recheck the relevant application.

Step 4 – Sync your iPhone/iPod touch again.

My own quick and non-scientific testing indicates that this is indeed an effective way of resolving these bizarre glitches, although I haven’t had a chance yet to do any kind of long-term test, so whether or not this is a permanent fix remains to be seen. Likely an official fix is coming in iPhone OS 3.1 anyway, and the apps affected continue to work (at least in my experience), so for now the Truphone solution is plenty good enough for me.



I have the icon problem with MX Mayhem. It has part of Harbor Masters icon on the top of it.


i had this problem when i first upgraded to 3.0 but the update got rid of my woes. hope it stays that way.


Right after the updates of 3G i feel that my iPhone is running quite smooth, i am using Truphone and Vopium at the same time but i have not experience any of such issue with my device. It might be some sort of Virus..

Andrew Bednarz

If you have a jailbroken phone/touch you can fix the problem directly by ssh’ing into your device and typing:

mv /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/ /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/; killall SpringBoard

make sure it worked and then you can delete the backup file.

Adam Jackson

another issue I have is apps saying they’re installed and they’re not!

Sim City is not installed but I’ve restored my phone and reinstalled the app and it’s not there.


I have noticed that it happens to apps that I have downloaded through the phone. The apps that I download through iTunes have not been affected.

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