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Canadian Providers Running Out of iPhones

noiphone_canadaThe iPhone sells well, be it the iPhone 3G or the 3GS. And it appears that north of the border, it’s selling even better than Apple (s aapl) had predicted.

Canada’s exclusive iPhone service provider Rogers Wireless is completely out of stock of the iPhone 3GS and 3G, the Globe and Mail is reporting. Fido, its low-cost subsidiary, is also out of the 3GS, although according to the report it still has some stock of the 4GB 3G on hand in a few brick-and-mortar locations.

Canada’s not the first country to run out of phones, either. Australia exhausted its supply earlier this month. Phones are still coming in from Apple, but shipments have slowed to a trickle as Cupertino’s supply chain struggles to keep up with demand. The U.S. appears to be one place where iPhones are still relatively easy to find, which makes sense considering that it remains Apple’s cornerstone market.

If you’re looking for an iPhone in Canada, you aren’t totally out of luck. Apparently Apple Store locations, which only began selling the devices this year following the release of the 3GS, still have stock — which works more in Apple’s favor than selling the devices via a non-company-branded location anyway.

Apple’s probably looking at shortages because it underestimated the ongoing success of the iPhone. In light of the sales numbers for the iPhone 3G, and the general economic climate, the company most likely planned for a rapid sales spike quickly followed by a period of slow but steady market share growth. And since it’s unlikely Apple will place a large order at this stage in the game, for fear of getting stuck with massive stock overages, Canadians may not be spending their loonies on new iPhones anytime soon.

9 Responses to “Canadian Providers Running Out of iPhones”

  1. It seems that there are no available iphones outside of the States. Either Apple screwed up big time on estimating their market, which I find difficult to imagine, or there’s some unforseen problem that they don’t want to tell anyone about.

    I would imagine they are losing 10’s of thousands of sales every week they don’t have iphones available. There are several good smartphones on the market now and Apple will lose out if they don’t get it together pretty quick.

    If someone comes out with a flip phone with a big touchscreen display and good interface I think I’d probably buy it. That’s probably asking too much though, convenience and reliability. Much better to sell a phone with an exposed LCD display that breaks easily and is $$$ to fix.

  2. Luis Daniel

    So it’s worldwide, not only Spain… I’m an Apple fan user from the ’90s , but think delaying a tech product (whose lifespan as “edge technology” is less than a year) for months is a wrong move.

  3. In Ottawa, you cannot get an Iphone either generations without a data contract no matter what you do. Rogers and Fido will not sell you one no matter what. We need relief from this one supplier situation.

  4. I think my fellow Canadians are incorrect.
    I got one the first day at Future Shop — but I’ve heard here in Ottawa (the capital city of Canada) that they’re out of them everywhere.
    I trust the AppleBlog team.

    Happy for me, sad for those that don’t have one. But good things come to those. . . . :-)

  5. Rogers (and its subsidiary Fido) have a tendency to say their retail locations are out of stock and use this to say that there aren’t any available in the country, period. This is often inaccurate, and let me explain:

    Last November, I went to buy an iPhone 3G at a Rogers retail location. I was told by the employee that they were out and that there weren’t any left in the city, end of story. On a whim, I walked down the mall hallway to Wireless Wave, an authorized reseller, and inquired about any stock. The employee opened their cabinet and showed me their stack of over 20 iPhones. When I told him about my conversation with the Rogers employee, he chuckled and told me that this happens somewhat frequently. If you buy from a reseller, Rogers only makes profit from the customer’s contract with them – the profit from the sale of the phone goes to Wireless Wave. Rogers, in an attempt to maximize profit, lies to customers to get them on a waiting list instead of going to another store.

    Apple’s displeasure with Rogers’ pricing of iPhone voice/data plans has been known since the device was first released here, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re shorting Rogers’ supply deliberately.

  6. Gazoobee

    Since I live in Canada and have been trying to get a 3GS from launch day, I can tell you this story is completely inaccurate.

    You make it sound like Canada has “run out” of it’s formerly large supply, and explicitly state that we are perhaps “experiencing shortages (now) due to it’s popularity.

    The reality is, Canada has never received *any* significant supply of iPhones from the very first day and that this situation *continues* to this day. there has been no change, and it has nothing to do with the popularity of the iPhone.

    All fido and Rogers store in my area got 30 units on the first day regardless of store size. If you didn’t buy one on that first day, most places were sold out. Since then, my fido store (and they assure me all others), received exactly two shipments of three iPhones each.

    I’ve been on a waiting list for over a month and a half, I’m very high up on the list but it’s a long long list. Apple simply has not given fido or Rogers any significant stock of the product from day one. They are covering this up because they don’t want to admit the horrible supply problems. They are concentrating on making supply available in the US so that the media doesn’t catch on (because who cares about Canada I guess?), to the fact that Apple is screwing up on the supply front big time.

    The latest promise is that we will finally get significant supply by September 15th or so.

  7. Luis Daniel

    Here in Spain is impossible to get any iPhone 3GS (16 or 32GB) from early June, via stores or online. Movistar doesn’t talk about availability and tries to sell the old 3G. I don’t know if it’s an Apple issue or some trick from the local provider to get ride of the 3G stock…