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ARCHOS to Launch Android Tablet Sep. 15, New App Store

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ARCHOS event inviteMedia player maker ARCHOS has confirmed a Sept. 15 event at which it will launch its 5-inch Android device. The ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet, which has been rumored for some time, is expected to have a Cortex CPU powering a 5-inch touchscreen. ARCHOS has previously stated that the tablet will be available with up to 500 GB of storage.

The soft launch of the AppsLib Store, meanwhile, an app store for “high-end Android devices,” is surprising. ARCHOS is planning for AppsLib to offer apps aimed at special Android devices, not smartphones, and is hoping to get other “high-end” device makers on board. It’s not clear how the AppsLib might fare in competition with the Android Market.

(via pocketables)

4 Responses to “ARCHOS to Launch Android Tablet Sep. 15, New App Store”

  1. I find this very interesting in light of my past lust for that 5″-screen HTC Advantage (which Fiend Kendrick recently waved in my face here!). Android is seriously better than WinMob, so that’s a big plus right there. What can make this irrelevant is a very bad price (like that Advantage had!).

  2. James and Kevin – mark my word this is the FUTURE!
    They are so smart doing it. I was waiting for that and didn’t expect it in my wildest dreams so quickly.
    With Moorestown soon this will be the best place to put high end Android devices. It will make it ready for the smartphones of the future and any MID device in the meanwhile.

    Way to go Archos!

    • Think how intuitive it is to consider a full skype experience on that device. Hopefully it will be included in this Archos 5″. Android could be much more for the Palmtop devices that the current smartphones are limiting it to.


  3. Mixed feelings about this one…

    I’ve owned an Archos 404, AV500, and 605. I appreciate that they’ve introduced larger screens and codec support before other companies have (specifically, Apple), but their long-term support for upgrades and new features, and the closed nature of their OS and hard drives (you can’t simply replace one with your own) make me leery.