ARCHOS to Launch Android Tablet Sep. 15, New App Store

ARCHOS event inviteMedia player maker ARCHOS has confirmed a Sept. 15 event at which it will launch its 5-inch Android device. The ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet, which has been rumored for some time, is expected to have a Cortex CPU powering a 5-inch touchscreen. ARCHOS has previously stated that the tablet will be available with up to 500 GB of storage.

The soft launch of the AppsLib Store, meanwhile, an app store for “high-end Android devices,” is surprising. ARCHOS is planning for AppsLib to offer apps aimed at special Android devices, not smartphones, and is hoping to get other “high-end” device makers on board. It’s not clear how the AppsLib might fare in competition with the Android Market.

(via pocketables)