Want to Manage Twitter in Your CRM System? Try CureCRM

CureCRM_logo_v3 As we covered last month with the launch of Bantam Live, CRM providers are starting to incorporate more social features into their systems. Another example is Santa Clara, Calif.-based CureCRM, which publicly launched its browser-based CRM service today. It extracts customer contact information, calendar events and conversations from your business email account automatically — but also brings Twitter into the mix.

Within CureCRM, businesses can track tweets and mentions from potential customers, as well as respond to tweets and assign others to do so. This Twitter-tracking capability is similar to CoTweet, a social CRM app that’s aimed at helping businesses manage multiple Twitter accounts and counts Whole Foods and Microsoft as clients. However, while CoTweet is very much focused on Twitter usage and lets businesses manage up to six corporate Twitter accounts, CureCRM is a broader CRM product with added Twitter capability: It can manage only one corporate Twitter account.

Joining CureCRM’s system requires only a few steps: inputting your business email account information (including your password) and Twitter account information. It’s compatible with a host of email applications, including Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps.


When you log in, the main CureCRM page displays a dashboard with threads of emails and Twitter mentions, while your business contacts are stored on the right-hand side of the page. CureCRM can be accessed on any mobile browser on a smartphone, including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre and Android- and Windows Mobile-supported phones, according to Cure CRM co-founder Alex Schliker. The company is also coming out with an iPhone app, but Schliker wouldn’t specify when it will be released.


CureCRM also has plugins that integrate with Salesforce.com and Microsoft Outlook. The Salesforce.com plug-in lets CureCRM crawl through incoming and outcoming email and automatically log all contacts, events and tasks to Salesforce. Similar to Xobni, CureCRM’s plugin for Microsoft Outlook lets you search for contacts or email conversations within it.

Corporate packages for CureCRM range from $29.95 a month to $49.95 a month (including both the Salesforce and Microsoft plugins), but is available for your personal use for free.

Jennifer Martinez is a Staff Writer for GigaOM.


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