Seeking Work? A Free Online Book Presents Some Good Advice


We’ve done a number of posts on good strategies and tools for finding work, whether you’re in need of a new job or some additional freelance gigs. As AltSearchEngines reports, there is a new, free e-book available on the topic, called “30 Ideas. The Ideas of Successful Job Search,” by Tim Tyrell-Smith. You can download the PDF here. The book has quite a lot of useful advice.

It opens with a collection of job search resources, many of which are sites with which that I wasn’t previously familiar. Career Rocketeer is an interesting job search blog, for example, while Career Hub collects advice strictly from career experts.

The first chapter in the book consists mainly of advice concerning forming an official job search strategy, and not going about the task haphazardly — tips that you’ve probably heard before. I found some of the other individual chapters more interesting, such as “11 Keys to Successful Job Search Networking,” which traces the path of a specific networking experience that began through two people finding each other on LinkedIn. The chapter “9 Ways to Bruise a Networking Relationship” also features good advice. All of the information is delivered in a conversational style, and there are many anecdotes cited.

While the large sections in “30 Ideas” on job search strategy and smart networking are useful, I was less impressed with the several chapters on the psychology of job search. Sure, career experts advise that you shouldn’t get down on yourself as you seek work, but the psychology chapters seem to drag on, with good points made only intermittently.

It’s very easy to flip around the e-book, especially as chapters are hyperlinked from the Table of Contents. You don’t have to necessarily read linearly, and you’ll get a good sense from the Table of Contents of what might be useful to read. It’s worth downloading.

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Tim Tyrell-Smith

Samuel – Thanks for the link and fair review. Really appreciate your taking the time to read it!

Adam – you make an important point about the intense amount of data being thrown at job seekers. It can be overwhelming to know where to start and where to spend your reading time.

Adam Reiter

An excellent e-book. One thing that’s important to note is that job seekers that have been out of work for a while can’t process a lot of information. Anxiety, depression and frustration leave a small window for information to come in clearly. This job seeker needs to find a calm foundation before they can process an effective job search strategy and execute.

Adam Reiter

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