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New Features Make Sharein Even More Efficient

logoSharein, the link sharing service, has responded to bookmarking web app Delicious’ new link sharing features by unleashing a raft of new functionality. Interestingly enough, much of this new functionality involves bookmarking, which is Delicious’ bread and butter. I guess you could say that is fair play, since link sharing is Sharein’s primary reason for being.

In any event, all of this competition is ultimately good for all of us folks that just want to get things done faster and more efficiently. This new focus on saving links — not just sharing them — is a major shift for Sharein, meaning that you can now store these resources as you conduct research online for clients or projects. Let’s take a look at the new features.

New Dashboard

new dashboard

As soon as you login to Sharein you’ll see the new features on the dashboard. There is now a “My Bookmarks” tab. Previously, you had to click on “My Shares” then drill down to “Bookmarks”. Now, you can go straight there. There’s also “Import Bookmarks,” which allows you to pull in your collection of links from Delicious or your local browser.

The Dashboard also provides access to your public profile which displays all of the links that you’ve shared. It also displays graphs and charts of all your shares, thus revealing how popular your shared links have been.

Shorten, Save & Share

Sharein is a good tool for doing research online because you can save any web page that you’re viewing with two quick clicks. First, you have to install the bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar. Alternatively, there’s a plugin for Firefox that adds a button to the top row of your screen. Once you click the bookmarklet or plugin button, you will see Sharein’s popup window.

Note all of the options available to you. The first tab is for posting the link to Twitter (it’s automatically shortened in order to save valuable character space).


The next option is for Facebook which allows you to share the link on your Facebook account.


The third option is handily allows you to share links via email. It does an excellent job remembering all of the people that you’ve sent links to before. Again, this can come in handy while doing research for a project with a team of team or a client. You can enter the email addresses manually or you can import all of your contacts from other services such as Gmail (s goog), Yahoo Mail (s yhoo), etc.


Finally, the fourth option is the much improved “Bookmarks” tab. Here’s where you can save links to your new collection of bookmarks online in the cloud. This means you’ll be able to access all of your links from any computer, much like you can with Delicious and other online bookmarking services. It has also added a new feature for suggesting tags based on the content of the link you’re saving.

Also improved within the bookmarking area is the ability to do more with each bookmark. You can now edit the tags on each bookmark manually or by using the suggested tags feature, and you edit, share and delete your bookmarks.

my bookmarks

The New Sharein vs. the New Delicious

I have to be honest here and say that both services have pros and cons. For example, I think Sharein does a much better job than Delicious when it comes to sharing links, thanks to its address book importing and connections to other networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Delicious, on the other hand, is still the king of social bookmarking. Delicious is striving to add more social sharing features in an effort to be more like Sharein, which in turn is now aiming to be more Delicious-like with its new bookmarking features. In the end, we all benefit from services that allow us to do more with less clicks.

Do you prefer Delicious or Sharein for bookmarking and link sharing?

2 Responses to “New Features Make Sharein Even More Efficient”

  1. I like the new look of Sharin. A suggestion would be to possibly have a tab button on the bottom of the screen that would allow a person to more easily ‘tag’ a page. But I don’t know how that would work. Again, looks really good.