Meet the GigaOM Mobilize 09 LaunchPad Candidates

Mobilize 09 Sept 10, 2009, San Francisco, CAWith less than a month to go, we’re busy putting the final touches on Mobilize 09, our mobile Internet conference that will be held in San Francisco on Sept. 10. One feature of the event, the Startup LaunchPad, will see 10 mobile-focused startups get up on stage and pitch their products and services to attendees. It gives me a great pleasure to introduce these terrific new companies:

  • Pageonce: Real-time travel management.
  • Metaio: Augmented reality platform for mobiles.
  • Waze: Crowdsourced traffic updates.
  • Toktumi: Second number and PBX on your iPhone.
  • Glympse: Time-controlled location-sharing.
  • Ondeego: Platform and storefront for enterprise apps.
  • Squareconnect: Your mobile as a remote control on steroids
  • LocLe: Location services enabler for social apps.
  • IQ engines: Auto labeling of images.
  • Distimo: Analytics engine for all app storefronts.

If you’d like to meet these startups and other cool companies and thinkers helping to define the next generation of the mobile Internet, sign up for Mobilize 09.


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