Google’s Mobility — A Comprehensive Report


Google (s goog) understands the importance of mobile tech — it embraced the need to have mobile versions of its most popular web-based apps early on. And the surge in popularity of netbooks and smartphones proves the search giant’s mobile focus was well-placed.

I use Google apps every day, and it is a credit to the company that I can use them on any mobile device I pick up. I am able to get the full benefit from using Google Reader, Google Maps and Gmail on smartphones, desktops and notebooks. Google has removed the platform from the user experience to a great degree; it’s done that by tailoring its apps to the various platforms used for access.

Google Android is becoming a popular platform for smartphone makers, and it will not be surprising if the forthcoming Chrome OS hits the netbook once released. Google has a complex mobile strategy that straddles both the application and the platform.

GigaOM Pro has a new report (subscription required) that delves deeply into Google’s mobile strategy. The report shows how the company has leveraged the popularity of technology such as Google Maps, and capitalized on mobile platforms. It’s a good read for anyone who’s looking to jump on the Google train.

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