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FCC Launches a Blog, Joins Twitter Stream

The Federal Communications Commission is looking to overhaul itself, hiring more technically astute people and entrepreneurs. It’s also trying to become an agency for the people, and as part of that attitude change, has launched a blog: Blogband. In a press release (and the first blog post) FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski wrote:

“To foster public dialogue about the National Broadband Plan, we’re tapping the power of the Internet to launch a new FCC blog…Blogband will keep people up-to-date about the work the FCC is doing and the progress we’re making.  But we want it to be a two-way conversation.  The feedback, ideas, and discussions generated on this blog be critical in developing the best possible National Broadband Plan.”

Starting the blog is one thing, but I hope the FCC is going to use it to actively engage in a conversation with its citizens. Otherwise it’s nothing more than a “press release” distribution mechanism. The agency is also joining the Twitter-verse. You can follow it @FCCdotgov You can read my interview with Chairman Genachowski to get an update on the changes he wants to bring to the new FCC.

11 Responses to “FCC Launches a Blog, Joins Twitter Stream”

  1. Jesse Kopelman

    Again the claim that the FCC wants to hire more technical people and entrepreneurs, but there are no job postings to back this up.
    Maybe an entrepreneurs could apply for one of Economist positions, as the qualifications are very vague. However, given this is a GS-15 position (the top of the scale), I think this is more the case of a poorly written job listening than a case where they are actually very flexible in the skills/experience they are looking for.

  2. Hmmmm…not off to good start.

    Seems @FCCdotgov isn’t following anyone and not using a desktop client to listen for @’s and mentions. You’d think Mr. Genachowski’s staff would at least follow @freepress and the #savetheinternet hash tag, but…nope!

    As much as I want to beileve, this appears to be the “same ol’ same ‘ol”