Family Guy Recycles for Its Emmy Campaign

As the first animated show nominated for the Best Comedy Series Emmy award since 1961, you’d think Family Guy‘s odds of winning were low. But Seth MacFarlane’s profane creation isn’t afraid to fight dirty, today releasing the first in a series of six videos meant to drum up votes…by attacking its fellow nominees.

This 1:20-minute-long slam on The Office is occasionally dead-on in its criticisms of the show, combined with some truly funny cartoon violence that goes just a bit too far. However, many people commenting on this video have mentioned that it was “like that ‘where’s my money’ bit,” referencing a scene from the Family Guy episode 420. It’s not like that bit, though — it’s the exact same scene, slightly extended and dubbed with different dialogue, as seen below:

Question is, will the future videos targeting the other nominees (Entourage, Flight of the Conchords, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock and Weeds) use the same scene or repurpose other Family Guy clips for mockery? And how cruel, exactly, will Stewie be to Liz Lemon?


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