Daily Sprout

Slow Going for Solar Phones: “Solar technology in mobile computing devices is still impeded by performance and price issues and isn’t likely to entirely replace batteries anytime soon, according to analysts.” — CNET’s Green Tech

Farmers in the Climate Crossfire: Unrestricted greenhouse gas emissions will be “catastrophic” for agriculture in the U.S. “Yet many senators are arguing that a limit on carbon pollution would be too costly for farmers.” — Climate Progress

Rooftop Wind: Pros & Cons: In theory, sticking wind turbines on top of buildings could generate a fair amount of clean power for cities without costly transmission lines or expensive photovoltaics. But wind up there is relatively turbulent, and the smaller turbines are less economical than the behemoths used for sprawling ground-level wind farms. — TNR’s The Vine

Pricey Transmission: A report from California’s Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative says the state will need to shell out $15.7 billion to install transmission lines in order to meet renewable energy mandates, significantly higher than the $12 billion estimate the California Public Utilities Commission issued for the buildout out in June. — VentureBeat’s GreenBeat

Indian Government to Compete with VCs: India’s government has announced plans to launch its own venture fund focused on green technology research. EETimes India via Cleantech Group