Coffee Break — Little Laptop, Littlest Laptop


HTC Advantage, MacBook (not in that order)

HTC Advantage, MacBook (not in L-R order)

I’m hanging out in the local beanery, working away and generally messing with those around me who not only keep asking me about my “tiny laptop,” but are blown away when I tell them it’s two years old. I’m not bad; I’m just drawn this way.



I have the same things: MacBook Pro 13″, iPhone 3g and HTC Advantage 7501. It might be the old one, but it has a leather bound aluminum case and goes everywhere with me. If I need to read, journal or study a book and take notes the HTC is the way to go. When I am on a place the HTC is turned on first. Hard to beat the format for what iti is made for. If/when apple makes something like this the idea is going to come to everyone. If apple allows a tethered bluetooth keyboard.


If people get that kind of interest in the HTC Advantage, then it pleases me because it means that I’m not the only one demanding a screen bigger than most smartphones offer. 5″ is TOO big, though; I need something more along the lines of the HP iPAQ hx4700 or Samsung Mondi to remain pocketable. (Well, I take that back-the latter is almost EXACTLY what I want. Just needs a full-size SDHC slot. More choices would be nice, though.)

Mike Cane

“I’m not bad; I’m just drawn this way.”


“I’m not a Fiend. I just act Fiendishly!”

Dr. Roland Kehr

Jim, I brought my Advantage 7501 to Sorrento, Italy. Watched movies and read e-books on the flight over and back. Enjoyed the former as well as the internet at our small boutique hotel during the 10 day stay in Sorrento.

Though I now have a Samsung NC10, I’ll grab the Advantage (without keyboard)for a quick e-book read at the local coffee shop. It’s a winner in my opinion.

I am waiting to see if the Pixel Qi technology will finally make it to a netbook to allow comfortable reading in bright sunlight. Enjoy your posts.


Vivek - The Technicist

Aww, James, do you really need to trick people into thinking your uber-phone is a microlaptop? Hahaha. Granted, if I had a phone that baller, I’d totally do the same thing.

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