CHART: First Solar Ramps Up US Utility Deals


When First Solar snapped up shuttered OptiSolar’s pipeline of solar projects with western U.S. utilities, it bought itself over a gigawatt worth of solar deals as well as strategic land rights for about 136,000 acres. Not bad for the thin film solar darling, which already had deals in Germany in the pipeline. Here’s some of First Solar’s public U.S. utility deals, including the one announced this morning with Southern California Edison.

Utility Size Location
PG&E 550 MW Carrizo Plain, northwest of California Valley, CA
Sempra Generation, PG&E 58 MW El Dorado, NV
SCE 550 MW Desert Center, CA, and San Bernardino County, CA.
SCE Around 1 to 2 MW per rooftop The first two rooftops in SCE’s solar rooftop project, in Fontana, CA and Chino, CA
SCE 7.5-21 MW Blythe, CA
Tucson Electric Power 500 kW Tucson, AZ
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power 55 MW Los Angeles, CA

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