Apple Releases iPhoto 8.1


iPhoto IconApple (s aapl) today released iPhoto 8.1, a free update to its consumer photo application. The update brings several new features for print products, including new themes and a larger book size. Consumers can now order “extra large” photo books, that start at $49.99 USD for a 13×10 hardcover.

This update for iPhoto also includes three new travel-related photo book themes: Old World Travel, Tropical Travel and Asian Travel. Each is based on the existing travel theme, but includes several unique backgrounds. Apple has also provided additional greeting card themes.

iPhoto 8.1 Themes

This free update is 161MB and can be downloaded automatically via Software Update or through Apple’s Support Downloads website.


Matt Hoult

It’s good to see Apple deciding to release updates with new themes–most companies would save those themes for the next paid version. That said, does that fact suggest there won’t be a paid update for a while?


A 161MB update! How things have changed from the days when we used to complain about anything larger than what would fit on a floppy.

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