WTF? Mirror's New Is Ballsy And Bitchy In Spades has now flipped the switch on its new gossip site, as we first reported last month it would, spinning out of the paper’s 3am Girls celeb spotters.

It’s a noisy, ghastly online analogue to the dead-tree column’s collection of celeb ephemera – also taking a leaf out of the TMZ/Heatworld playbook (The Mirror hired the latter’s editor, Isabel Mohan), it’s full of no-holds-barred bitchiness and salacious star facts. And that’s just why it might yet succeed

Headlines range from the surreal (“Whatever can have happened here then?“), to the vindictive (“Keira Knightley bares boobs, 10 million women scream and swear“), to the, err, postmodern (“Information that’s only interesting because it’s happened twice“)…

It’s certainly not a site built with SEO in mind (top nav items are not so much sections as calls-to-action (Ooh