Corrected: SpinVox Loses Russo From Board

Alcatel-Lucent’s former CEO has quit SpinVox’s board, two months after being brought on as a director. Florida-based Patricia Russo joined as one of six directors on June 2 but quit last Monday, August 10, according to entry and exit filings published within three days of each other. Russo was named to the board of General Motors three weeks ago.

United Business Media chairman John Botts is now serving as chief financial advisor to voice-to-text firm SpinVox, after joining in August 2006, according to Companies House filings. His Botts Capital holds 30,000 shares in the company, his Tisbury Europe Master Fund holds 105,927. Corrected: New York-based John Small, an asset manager from its investor GLG (SEO: 066570) Partners, is listed as SpinVox’s CFA (chartered financial analyst).

The company is thought to have been without a full-time chief financial officer since Andrew Cherry left as CFO in June 2008, since when several of Cherry