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Nokia Maintains Grip On Euro Mobile Market

Europeans bought 11.2 percent more mobile phones in Q209 than they did a year ago — a total of 14 million — and 64 percent of them were made by Nokia (NYSE: NOK). According to research from Canalysis, the Finnish handset maker shipped 8.9 million handsets in EMEA in Q2 — but that’s flat compared to 2008 and the company should watch out: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) shifted 1.9 million iPhones, giving it a growth rate of 1,041 percent.

Apple still only has a 1.3 percent share of the EMEA market, but the success of the iPhone has had a real effect on competitor’s fortunes, as Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) UK CEO Vittoria Colao admitted recently. Some 38 million phones were shipped globally in the quarter. Get more stats like this over at our sister site