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Industry Moves: Microsoft Hires A Former Adobe Flash Evangelist To Pitch Silverlight

Mike Downey has spent the greater part of the last nine years singing the praises of Adobe (NSDQ: ADBE) Flash. Now, Downey is singing the praises of Flash media player-rival Silverlight. Downey joined Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) earlier this month as a principal evangelist focused on Silverlight. Until February, he was a principal evangelist at Adobe’s platform business unit, which includes Flash. (Downey also worked for more than two years as a senior product manager for Flash, managing the integration of Flash into Adobe after Adobe purchased Macromedia in 2006, according to his LinkedIn profile).

In a blog post, Downey explains the reasons for his apparent switch of loyalties: “We all know that web technologies evolve quickly

2 Responses to “Industry Moves: Microsoft Hires A Former Adobe Flash Evangelist To Pitch Silverlight”

  1. Adobe can't foist Flash on you with Windows Update.

    Microsoft can sneak Silver Bligh onto PCs by bundling it with Windows Live and foisting it with Windows Update.

  2. "A challenge for Silverlight, however, remains adoption"
    Silverlight is already on 33% of computers. I know that's nowhere near the 99% adoption rate that Flash has, but when you consider that Silverlight 2 has only been out for 8 months it's actually a pretty impressive number. Furthermore adoption rate isn't very important if you're developing a Line Of Business application, since the target users for LOB apps are generally more than willing to install a 4 MB plug-in.