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Ustream Sued by Square Ring for Copyright Infringement

Live video-streaming site Ustream confirmed with us today that it’s being sued by boxing promotional company Square Ring for copyright infringement.

The suit specifically mentions an incident surrounding a March 21, 2009 boxing and mixed martial arts broadcast featuring Roy Jones Jr. vs. Omar Sheika. One Ring is seeking damages for what it alleges was an unauthorized rebroadcast of that event via Ustream. The boxing company is also claiming its trademark was used on Ustream prior to and during the event.

According to the complaint (embedded after the jump), Square Ring alleges that 2,377 viewers watched the March 21 pay-per-view event free of charge through Ustream.

When contacted for comment, Ustream sent us the following statement via email:

Ustream is serious about complying with the copyright laws and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and we’re aggressively taking short- and long-term steps to work with the content industry to meet their needs. We believe the Square Ring lawsuit does not have merit and that we’re fully protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Safe Harbor provisions.

Lawyers for Square Ring confirmed that a lawsuit has commenced, but would not provide any further comment.

Earlier this month, Ustream raised an additional $2 million in funding.

Ustream Sued by Square Ring Productions

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