Update to My Gmail Setup: Night Shade


A lot of folks found my custom Gmail setup to be helpful, and one of the most common questions I received was which theme I was using when the image was made (Dusk). It reminded me that the way a program looks is very important, so I’ve been trying out different themes from Google (s goog). I’ve found the one I’ve been using over last few days to be very soothing, especially given the amount of time I spend staring at it. It’s known as “Night Shade”:

JK Gmail new theme

As you can see, I’ve also decided to keep multiple inboxes pane below the inbox.

What Gmail theme are you using?


Steve Lunney

I have been using Shiny for quite some time now, and I love it. My wife uses Pebbles; and my daughter uses Beaches. All look great – glad to have the choice. Now if only Chrome could grow up a little.


I’ve been using Night Shade for some time now. It gives it some color without being in your face. Soothing is a good description.


I’ve been using the Minimalist theme. I have the additional inboxes below now, too, since I use a few different screens to look at my mail (gmail for my domain).


I have to admit that whilst I have tried various themes, I keep coming back to the standard crisp clean and functional default theme.


I prefer the Shiny theme not out of loyalty to Firefly but because it just looks good to me.


I use “Sunset”. It works day and night. I wish I could also applied it to Calendar.


I was using the same theme but I ended up making a custom color theme using the same base colors, but replacing the orange with a darker grey-blue for the borders and a light tan for the shaded portions. Made it even easier on the eyes by my taste.


I’m using mountian (Pacific timezone) ‘cuz of the way the inboxes stand out. I liked your set up and tried multiple inboxes again. This time I am using the
GTDInbox from Productivity Firefox and am using the inboxes for the action items. Your setup reminded me that these were the most important things my eyes should land on. Thanks.

Pam T.

The Beach theme – where I’d rather be. But I had to turn off the multiple inboxes – it was really messing up my mailbox display. Might have to give it another go someday.

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