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TomTom Comes to the iPhone in the U. S.

TomTom iPhoneIt’s been a long time coming, but GPS maker TomTom has finally released its navigation app for the iPhone (s aapl) in the U. S. TomTom is a longtime leader in the navigation hardware/software business and the app brings the full TomTom solution to the iPhone. The program will cost you a cool $99.99, so don’t click it in the App Store by accident.

TomTom has a car kit available that adds the following features:

  • secure docking
  • enhanced GPS performance
  • clear voice instructions
  • hands-free calling
  • charging

GPS makers like TomTom have to be concerned over the inclusion of GPS hardware in many of today’s smartphones. It’s unclear if these expensive software solutions will be popular with smartphone users. I’m still happy with the totally free Sprint Navigation on the Palm (s palm) Pre.

16 Responses to “TomTom Comes to the iPhone in the U. S.”

  1. Nameless

    I started losing interest in TomTom when they wouldn’t bring Navigator 7 for Windows Mobile over to the States. As if the high pricing wasn’t enough (software AND a Bluetooth GPS receiver for my hx4700 and other Bluetooth-equipped devices), there aren’t any US maps for TomTom Navigator 7 last time I checked.

    Admitted, we’re talking about TomTom on the iPhone here, but who’s to say that we Americans won’t get screwed over on maps again like with the other versions?

  2. $100 is too much. $50 maybe. At that price just jailbreak your phone and get it for free. And how is TomTom 3x better than copilot???

    CoPilot for the iPhone! How did I miss that launch? I used CP on my win mobile setup for years. Glad to have it back!

  3. I am waiting on more reviews on this and even the others. Co-Pilot looks lie a winner right now for $35 and it gets pretty good reviews (other than the bad keyboard interface it has).

  4. This app is not available yet. I just checked the app store. I wonder if this would work on the Ipod Touch 2G. It mentions enhanced GPS with the cradle…is there a GPS receiver in the cradle?

    • That’s why I asked if there was a GPS device in the cradle. Tom Tom’s site say’s that it has enhanced GPS performance…

      I have a EVDO router for my laptop, but setting it up in the car is a pain.

      Like most GPS software for PC’s, all you need is the program and a external GPS receiver. I thought there was a device built into the cradle so that it could be used with the Ipod. Anyway…the cost is too high for what it is, and so far, it will not call out street names for you.

    • Yep, saw that elsewhere about the Touch support, understand what you mean now. But once you buy the software and the cradle, might as well just by a stand alone GPS receiver – right??

    • Yeah…I can’t see spending $100 bucks for a app that…

      1. Have no voice commands.
      2. GOS stops when a call comes in. (Ipod touch won’t have this issue).
      3. COSTS 100 BUCKS!!! LOL

      I’m going to stick with a stand alone GPS. I can get one for about the same price.

  5. I can’t wait to see a review for this. I am not interested myself but I am curious to see if they mention the issue of calls stopping your happy navigation. This I can see as the main drawback to using a non multi-tasking smartphone as your GPS device. I certainly hope they have a good system in place so this is not too anoying. Hmmm.. do I take this call or get lost?

    • Jahan Khan Rashid

      The app cuts off in call seriously? even the 3gs? I have been toying with the idea of getting a 3gsonce bottom comes out but this news makesthe whole idea of a satnav on a phone pointless for me especially at that price. Ithink ill stick with multitasking phones

    • I’m doing some work with TomTom – the iPhone does not support “multi-tasking,” or running two commands/applications at the same time. However, if you take a call while using the app, navigation automatically continues after finish the call.

  6. Still waiting to hear when that car kit is available for and how much. But it’s not going to be a bargain if the software alone is $100. Most folks will be better off just buying the 140 on Amazon for $120. Totally disappointed with the pricing. Especially when you consider Navigon is $70 (which may or may not go up) and CoPilot is only $35. (Telenav is their traditional $10/mo.)

    • Those are nice too, but if you happen to have that spare Garmin Nuvi that you got last holiday season hanging out in your glovebox anyway, you could use it while keeping the iPhone available for other stuff like texting and phoning and doing a Sudoku puzzle…..