Purported Video of iPod Touch With Camera Surfaces


While faked images of Apple (s aapl) products are numerous, faked video is a hoax of another order of magnitude. That’s why this video posted by Sirius XM (s siri) radio personalities Covino and Rich is worth a second look.


The original images were met with skepticism among rumor aficionados, myself included. The associated blog post referred to the device as “a durability test phone” allegedly acquired by a “recycler” who may have found it in the trash, as if there were a dumpster in back of the Apple campus in Cupertino marked SEKRET.


To bolster the argument for authenticity, the blog post references an image showing a circuit board with “Apple 2009 very clear,” as if that couldn’t be added in Photoshop in about a minute. Then the video showed up.

I’ve watched it about a hundred times, until I half-expected a drowned girl from a Japanese horror film to crawl out of the screen. The thickness of the device looks right. The lens is real. I’m convinced that even if this particular video is a fake, there will almost certainly be an iPod touch with a camera at an Apple Event in a few weeks. Fact or fiction, it’s all good.



PLEASE – Less time on functionality and new gadgets! More time on fixing problems! Still no iPhone Wi-Fi! Did they look at Microsoft over the last few years and think ‘Ooooh! That’s a good business model!’
When Jobs first came back he sut swathes of the Apple product line. Now they are ammassing more and more products which are developing more and more flaws – either from a hardware or software standpoint. There’s no point on having the coolest product or a killer app if it doesn’t work! All the new API’s and functionality being reported about the 3.1 upgrade are related to editing movies on the iPhone! WTF! Who needs this when they still have a bunch of other issues to fix!
By the way – as far as a camera in an iPod Touch goes is concerned I think it is inevitable. I may even dump my iPhone, get one of these and a Nokia!!!

Darrell Etherington

I think Apple would be shooting themselves in the foot if they excluded video in the touch, and I think they’re aware of that. At this point, the tale of the tape regarding sales numbers shows that they’re cannabilizing iPod Classic sales with the iPhone and iPod touch, so as of yet there’s very little reason to believe that a more feature-rich touch would cut into their iPhone game. In fact, I think they’re likely to include video recording on the touch because, as Veit says, the hardware won’t cost them that much, and it will expedite the iPod Classic end-of-life, which help streamline their product offerings and therefore reduce production costs.


Frankly, the bigger question is not the hardware (I think it’s very safe to assume that the next gen iPod Touch will feature a camera), but the software. Or, whether Apple decides to de-feature the software of the iPod Touch, most noteably video, to protect the iPhone brand and iPhone sales. Given the additional $30 BOM for the iPhone 3GS camera, they can recoup some of that by including the same camera into the iPod Touch, but that does not mean it has to have the same software. I cannot see them tinkering too much with the photo software, so video is the obvious target. I would not be surprised, if Apple did take out video. In my case, I might make the iPod Touch unappealing enough for me to stick with the iPhone, which is exactly why Apple might want to do it!

Howie Isaacks

Meh… I say it’s fake. We Mac users have some kick ass technology at our fingertips. We can make just about anything look real. One thing that casts a lot of doubt on this for me is the fact that the “new” iPod touch has a lot of scratches on the back… conveniently, the same amount and consistency as the older model. While it’s not uncommon to see iPods with a lot of scratches on the back, why would the new model be in that condition? A prototype would not look so used.

Matthew Lowery

Stupid. It’s a durability model. It has been tested for durability. Hence the scratches. Plus he says he found it in the rubbish, hence even more scratches.
I think this is real, it’s nearly September so it would make sense. Also with the iPhone 3GS just released, a new upgrade to the iPod Touch should be in order.

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