Purported Video of iPod Touch With Camera Surfaces

While faked images of Apple products are numerous, faked video is a hoax of another order of magnitude. That’s why this video posted by Sirius XM radio personalities Covino and Rich is worth a second look.


The original images were met with skepticism among rumor aficionados, myself included. The associated blog post referred to the device as “a durability test phone” allegedly acquired by a “recycler” who may have found it in the trash, as if there were a dumpster in back of the Apple campus in Cupertino marked SEKRET.


To bolster the argument for authenticity, the blog post references an image showing a circuit board with “Apple 2009 very clear,” as if that couldn’t be added in Photoshop in about a minute. Then the video showed up.

I’ve watched it about a hundred times, until I half-expected a drowned girl from a Japanese horror film to crawl out of the screen. The thickness of the device looks right. The lens is real. I’m convinced that even if this particular video is a fake, there will almost certainly be an iPod touch with a camera at an Apple Event in a few weeks. Fact or fiction, it’s all good.


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