No Further Android Updates for G1; No “Sense” for MyTouch 3G?


mytouch3g1We early adopters know that we risk not being able to update our first-generation mobile gadgets, but that doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. Android (s goog) engineers have tweeted that T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) phones may not be able to handle any OS updates going forward. It seems that the early G1 model has limited system memory and the current version 1.5 (aka Cupcake) update completely filled it up. That means future updates, aka Donut and Eclair, will likely not be released for the Dream, as new versions almost always require more memory.

“As much as I’m hoping that it’ll be possible to somehow continue updating the G1, I can’t promise anything.”

More disturbing news is coming out of Asia (HTC is a Taiwan company) that the HTC Magic, aka MyTouch 3G, will be receiving the innovative “Sense” UI update in Europe, but that T-Mobile models in the U.S. won’t. This is reportedly due to licensing issues with the T-Mobile versions that require “Google branding.” We’ve voiced our concerns that licensing issues might fragment the Android line with updates in some areas but not others and it looks like that concern might be valid. Which is a real shame, as the MyTouch 3G (Magic) is the newest Android phone in the HTC line and the Sense UI is light years ahead of the native Android UI.

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Josef Holland

Ok they may run out of room at some point, not a big deal, upgrade your phone. I love my g1 more so then the mytouch, prefer the slide out keyboard.

P.s. I am useing rooted donut and whether or not sense ui is released in the us. Ill have it too.


How do we know which android phones htc, moto, etc.. what not will get the latest android updates? is it just random? is up to the carriers? manufacturers? does anyone have any info on this? thanks


Updates for devices are usually provided upon request (and payment) from a carrier (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile) for their device. For example, T-Mobile requests a software update (from HTC) for their myTouch 3G handset. HTC then writes/develops an update for the device and provides it to the carrier who then sends it to their devices in an OTA (Over The Air) update or via internet (download from website) update.

Because operating system updates require time, money and product support, carriers are making a market prediction on whether to support the device or abandon it for a newer (more powerful) model. This means that if the T-Mobile G1 hardware cannot support the latest Android operating system or user interface (Sense UI), then T-Mobile may choose to abandon the device and support/promote a more powerful hardware platform.

With that being said, most carriers are tight-lipped about which products they are abandoning, releasing or updating. In some cases, users find out when the update notice appears on their device.

Hope this helps…


The g-1 phone is a great phone.we all need to have a complete level of global summit on android for every phone.yes htc has a good set of different products and that’s the problem we have is all of these regulations and phone company’s should understand tht there are thousands of tweekers and good developers like xda &cyanogen just to name a few that have taken the tweeking to the good of ndroid. Now why can’t we androidians get the complete android world together and the google exects & iphone and let them know that we see all of the hoopla now let the animosity go and give us the android market that we can have and forsee in the near future because believe it or not technology will procede and we will still be here trying to tweek our phones. So give us andronians freedom please.


Nokia is dead and Android will take over the world. I’ve been using Nokia past 10 years, but once I tried Android I could no longer use Nokia phones. Nokia phones are crap nowadays and Android is the platform of the future.


Couldn’t this problem be avoided if apps could be downloaded to the memory card?


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I don’t think I made a mistake. I knew what I was getting into. It was the very first android phone. Show me one first generation ANYTHING that HASN’T had major problems or limitations over it’s lifespan. That’s just how technology works. When my contract is up and there’s a new android phone that has a keyboard, I’ll get a new phone with new OS updates and it’ll be a grand old time. Until then, I’m happy with what I’ve got.


@Avner Kashtan

Uhh the problem isn’t ram it’s rom, simple explaination rom is storage, while ram is part of the equation to figure out the speed of the device. And the I7500 has 8gb of storage.


i wonder if the MyTouch3Gs in Japan will get the sense UI update. Docomo just started selling them.


How exactly did you work that out? Your version: Google makes a handset. A company who has never made one before. Reality: multiple, experienced manufacturers make multiple handsets, and you get to choose. Some providers even make custom Android versions.

We have a brilliant operating system that is growing so fast it’s outpacing the original phone it was designed to work with. Handset manufacturers are coming out with even better phones to work with the OS. And this is somehow a problem?

Android is exploding! Soon we will have dozens of phones to choose from, and several flavors of the OS. And there will still be just one iPhone, which Apple will continue to do it’s damnedest to make sure you can’t use however you want to use it.

That’s like saying Linux or Windows is dead because Linus Torvalds and Microsoft don’t make their own PC’s. That’s ridiculous.


JK what am I to believe, your headline “No Further Android Updates for G1;” or the article “That means future updates, aka Donut and Eclair, will LIKELY (emphasis mine) not be released for the Dream, as new versions almost always require more memory.”

The headline is a declarative statement, the text is a wild ass guess from a mysterious tweet ““As much as I’m hoping that it’ll be possible to somehow continue updating the G1, I CAN’T PROMISE ANYTHING (emphasis mine)”.


If this information is true, will it apply to the “new” MyTouch? From what I understand the G1 and the MyTouch are essentially the same under the hood. My MyTouch trial period is up tomorrow and this news is causing me to start preparing for a return to T-Mobile. That would be too bad since I already gave my Pearl away.


the mytouch’s ROM is double that of the G1, they are not the same hardware. There is plenty of space in the mytouch’s partitions to handle future android updates. My guess is that the G1 will get the donut update. Donut is nearly identical in size as cupcake. Beyond Donut I would guess that the G1 will simple run out of space. One option is for T-Mobile to update the G1’s SPL and change the partition sizes to allow more room on the G1 for future updates.

Mike Klein

This news is bad. Mini rant to follow:

I have been a WM user for way too long (forever) and recently wanted a new phone to show off a security/automation solution I’m developing.

I tested with Palm Pre, iPhone 3G S, WM 6 8525 and a G1.

The Pre wouldn’t even play an mp4 from my webserver. I personally found the device to be extremely chintzy and thought the display and keyboard too small…and I have piano fingers too!

The G1 can’t even play the files nor saveAs from browser. The UI looks like hell on the G1 too. I do like the promise of Android…open/etc. However I can’t even upload a self-signed cert to the phone…nor can dev models apparently. The G1 physical keyboard is no better than iPhone soft keyboard imho…and the G1s soft keyboard is nowhere near Apple’s implementation.

WM6 on my 8525 technically works but requires Opera and TCPMP/CorePlayer to work but via many clicks and saving to disk first…sigh. It is nowhere near smooth but it barely manages to get the job done.

The iPhone was the only phone to (via one/two clicks at most) stream and play mp4 with ZERO issues whatsoever.

However the problem with the iPhone is it is a ‘narrow’ phone/pmp experience. I hold out no hope of advanced applications ever being on their marketplace…90% are fart apps/etc. Nothing I wanted to buy AT ALL. The iPhone also cannot save mp4s from browser…you only get copy/paste option.

So which phone is the winner for me? The iPhone merely because it delivers browsing, keyboard, mp4 handling and 1-click operation for my ‘primary’ application.

Before my application was developed I could travel with my WM6 phone and do everything I needed (ssh, termsrv, etc.). With the iPhone as my ‘phone’ now I must carry a separate device.

Upcoming Mac tablet anybody (if not based on iphone os)…or new OLED netbook/umpc? Ahhh…


If you are willing to consider a netbook as I have, the Asus 1005HA-PU1X, this exact model, is excellent. Great battery life, 160GB HDD, good performance, and the ability to run the OS of your choosing as long as your choice isn’t Vista.


The G1 can do almost every thing a laptop can. You can get apps that enable you to download any file on the internet, you can get additional UI apps to enhance your experience, you can tether to a laptop for internet anywhere you have Edge or 3G. More apps are in the mix as well, including Flash and Acrobat support. If you would take time to look in the app store, where most of the apps are free by the way (even a lot of the good ones mentioned above) and have video players that can play just about every format you would need (WMA, WMV, AVI, MPG4, MPEG, MP3/4, 3GP, among the most common video/audio types). Get to know a phone before you criticize what it can and can’t do as I’m glad I left iTunes dependant iPhone behind for the G1 and haven’t since looked back.

As for the comment in the article about no more updates and devices reaching their memory limit….no duh. Hence Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Super NES, N64, Playstation, Gamecube, Xbox, PS2, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3…they all eventually can go no further which is why they make new ones. The day technology can be endlessly be improved without buying a new model has yet to come so that’s why newer models come out. Come on man. That’s as bad as my customers complaining about not being able to run Windows Vista on their old Pentium 4 machine or being able to play cutting edge games with a 256MB API graphics card… >.<

Danny Herrera

To Mike Klein:
Wow, Firstly, The Browser Has Always Beem Able To Stream MP4 On The Web Browser That The G1 Was Provided With. Secondly, Have You Been To The Android Market Lately? There Are QUITE A FEW Of Apps The Are File Managers(I Recommend ASTRO) That Are Availabe For Download So Yeah, The iPhone Can Suck The G1’s Dick. Sorry To Take It This Far But This Guy Is Not The Smartest.


The data on the G1 updates is inaccurate. If you go to the Tmobile forums and search for this very topic, you will see a response from Tmobile; to paraphrase, updates will continue to be released for the G1.

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