Home Shopping Network Hits the iPhone

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HSNIf the only thing that’s kept you from purchasing cubic zirconia jewelry or a liquid gold plating system from the Home Shopping Network is because, you know, you’ve been working instead of watching TV, then I bring good news! HSN today announced an app for the iPhone that streams live video!

The HSN Shop App lets users browse and shop the network’s catalog of more than 35,000 items. Watch HSN live anytime day or night, or use the interactive “Shake2Shop” to pull up a random product just by shaking your device. And if you see an age-defying beauty cream you simply must have, now not only can you only order it by calling in, but by purchasing it directly through the browser.

The HSN video encoding is powered by Inlet Technologies’ Spinnaker live-streaming appliance. Spinnaker supports Apple’s HTTP adaptive streaming, a hot topic we’ve been following closely. As Liz wrote earlier:

HTTP streaming enables publishers to give users a better video experience by employing adaptive streaming techniques, something other players such as Microsoft, Adobe Systems, Move Networks and Swarmcast already offer (though Adobe uses a more traditional proprietary real-time streaming protocol to do so, rather than sending chunks of video over standard HTTP like the others). That means that watchers can enjoy a continuous, smooth video experience. The stream intelligently adjusts to the highest quality a viewer can receive at each moment. If the connectivity worsens, a lower quality stream is substituted without interruption or buffering.

(Get the full low-down on adaptive streaming over at GigaOM Pro, our subscription research service.)

Inlet has been on a bit of a tear recently, getting deals with Turner Sports, the MLB and helping deliver the first live event streamed to the iPhone.

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