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Always Innovating Touch Book Screenshots Appear

We’ve been following the Always Innovating Touch Book since early this year, and now the web tablet with the detachable keyboard is supposedly shipping, although we haven’t heard from anyone who’s received one yet. The folks at Always Innovating have posted some screenshots of the Touch Book in action to give a feel for the UI they’ve developed, and it looks pretty sweet. The UI changes when the keyboard is detached in order to make it a touch-friendly system. We’re expecting an evaluation unit at some point; we’ll let you know when it arrives.

3 Responses to “Always Innovating Touch Book Screenshots Appear”

  1. We are also tracking this at One of the members also received a shipping receipt from USPS. He said he’ll be keeping everyone apprised of the shipping status.

    @Stephen Feger: you are welcome to become a member and contribute to the reviews and commentary when you device comes in. It would be great to see what you think in detail.

  2. Stephen Feger

    Well, I *finally* got my shipping confirmation a few hours ago. More than 2 weeks after they charged my credit card (I hate that). I should know in two days or so what it’s like.