Where Is Facebook 3.0 for the iPhone?



Facebook 3.0 for iPhone Screenshot courtesy of Facebook

Updated: On August 17, Facebook let us know that it had submitted the 3.0 version of its app to the Apple store.

Where is the newest version of Facebook’s iPhone 3.0 application? Being a fan of the app -– which I now use on my iPod Touch -– I was thrilled to hear that a new version with some snazzy new features was going to launch. After all, great as the current version might be, it still lacks certain features and could use a “user experience” facelift.  But now six weeks have gone by, and still nothing.

One of the main developers of the application, Joe Hewitt, said on July 1 that he was nearly finished building the application. “I can’t predict an exact date when I will submit to Apple, but I can say that I am about 98% done,” he wrote in the blog post.

Facebook for iPhone is one of the best applications for that platform. According to the Palo Alto, Calif.-based social networking company, there are some 30 million people who use Facebook Mobile. And it plans to reveal in September new mobile user data that’s said to put that figure much higher. Which ties in with an argument we made earlier this year: Facebook’s future is mobile. As we explained, the reasons are simple: “Facebook has all along said it wants to mirror real-world relationships,” wrote Liz Gannes. “When you throw mobile into the mix, there’s no reason to even have to separate so-called offline and online contacts.”



It’s like this for any new iPhone app, the more hype, the more anticipation, the longer the wait – typical Steve Jobs….


haha took a month to complete 2%…10 bucks says that the 2% was actually making the app start up and work properly on the iphone


So you think, perhaps, that monopolistic, evil company called Apple bent on torturing developers and customers alike with their unbridled arrogance and incompetence might be about to reject it from that walled garden called the App Store? Just askin’. :)


Wow, someone really went out of their way to try to sound intelligent.


Holding the apps for September? Hopefully they are coordinating this rather than imposing it on the companies. Tapulous’ next app is set to arrive at the same time.


I wondered this two weeks ago. Why has the dev decided to not let anybody know when it’s finished/submitted to Apple.

Will Robertson

He has been providing sporadic updates on Twitter. I believe he recently said he was just finishing and translation is underway.

Devin Reams

I, too, have wondered. But then quickly realized that the mobile version of the site (optimized for iPhone/Android) works quite well and does everything I need.

I’m starting to ween myself off the app addiction.

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