Vid-Biz: Warner, Qik, MSNBC


Battle Brewing Between Warner and Netflix? Amidst the windowing of new releases for kiosks, Warner looking to renegotiate how soon the mail-order company can receive discs as well. (Deadline Hollywood)

Qik Launches iPhone App; can’t stream live video, though; you have to record first, then upload. (jkOnTheRun)

MSNBC Posts Video of Hudson Crash; same clip also now up on YouTube; will the news network enforce a takedown? (Business Insider)

Swarmcast Targeting the CE Market; company now powering the live MLB.TV stream on the Roku, and looking to get on more devices. (Contentinople)

The Creative Quandry for Online Video Ads; how much interactivity does an ad need, especially as more over-the-top video goes to the big screen? (eMarketer)

AT&T Files Complaint Against Cablevision; telco says the cableco is being anti-competitive over access to HD content from the Madison Square Garden network. (Broadcasting & Cable)

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