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Superminder: Simple, No Hassle Task Management

Superminder logoThere are a huge number of task management and reminder apps available, each with a different range of features and complexity. Some applications seem to have too many features for me, while others don’t have enough. Superminder seems to get it just right. It falls into the useful yet easy to use category.

The web app has two key features: adding new to-do items and setting reminders. It also lets you set up email or SMS reminders.


The service provides an iCal link so you can incorporate your reminders into an iCal-compatible calendar. Google Calendar (s goog), for one, can import Superminder’s tasks and due dates. In my tests, this worked, although not perfectly: It doesn’t look like it transfers recurring tasks and it sometimes takes quite some time before Superminder updates Google Calendar with tasks, or maybe it’s the other way around. Refreshing the calendar doesn’t speed up the update process.

Importing Superminder into Google Calendar

Superminder can send reminders by SMS and every account receives two free reminders. If you want more, it costs $4 to buy 15 SMS credits or $13 to buy 50. Google Calendar has its own email and SMS notification, so you can work around these charges if you import Superminder into Google Calendar.

Although Superminder doesn’t come with instructions, it’s so simple you don’t really need them. However, it would be nice to know why the iCal feature doesn’t update as regularly as I’d like. Superminder offers a viable solution to those needing a simple to-do application that’s accessible over the web.

What reminders app do you use?

3 Responses to “Superminder: Simple, No Hassle Task Management”

  1. Good old OmniFocus has worked wonders for me. It’s flexible, has a lot of options, and syncs with my iPod Touch. Since I have a horrible memory, it’s become a life essential for me.

  2. I’m currently using Remember the Milk. I think I’m like you (and many others), always searching for that perfect app. Not too complex, but still robust. I like RTM, but I wish it had drag & drop functionality. I’ll probably check this one out, too. Thanks.