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Have Verizon Data Plan, Will Travel With AD3700 Global Modem

verizon-ad3700The Verizon MiFi may be handling all my mobile data connections, but that’s because I’m not roaming globally. I’m stuck in North America with my MiFi and business travelers need more than that. That’s why Verizon (s vz) is releasing the ZTE AD3700 global modem, which works on both Verizon’s domestic EVDO network and also on HSPA networks abroad. The USB modem launches today for $80 with a rebate.

(via engadget)

4 Responses to “Have Verizon Data Plan, Will Travel With AD3700 Global Modem”

  1. @wiley — asking how long 5GB will last is roughly the same has how long (not how many miles) a tank of gas will last. It depends on how much you drive (surf/download/…). Different people have very different usage patterns.

    For instance, I have been on my corporate VPN for the last 2 hrs and 42 mins. I have in that time consumed 340 MB. I did not download any software or media, and I didn’t do any streaming video. So it was basically surfing, a VNC session to a server (which is likely the most costly part here), IMAP email and XMPP IM. That amounts to about 2 MB per minute. This is is a fairly typical usage pattern for me, and if my late evening math is right, I’d get about 42 hrs of use out of the 5 GB monthly limit. That sounds like a lot, but just throw in a few biggish downloads and it might get tight. So I am definitely not interested in 5GB plans.

  2. James,
    I want a MiFi later for my netbook.
    But for me $$ is an issue. How much usage is the 250MB down? Will it last one session?
    How long will 5GB last?
    NW Harris County

  3. Is the GSM, eh, HSPA part unlocked? Or are you stuck with a Verizon SIM and their international rates? If the latter, how quickly are you going to hand them back the rebate money? ;)