Gleedo Wants to Socialize the Web (But You Need a Download First)


Gleedo is a new service that is looking to literally add a layer of socialization to your web-browsing, online video-watching, document-sharing experience. But will the company’s download approach stymie its success?

Basically, Gleedo is a downloadable application (Windows only) that acts as an interactive layer that hovers above your web activity. Connect with other Gleedo users and you can start “livesharing,” as the company calls it. Text or voice chat with friends about YouTube (s GOOG) videos, shows on Hulu, pictures, documents or whatever else strikes your fancy.

The problem, though, is that people are typically averse to downloads, especially as more functionality moves to the browser (see: Joost). And in order for Gleedo to really work, it will need lots of people to download the app.

Besides, with Facebook and Twitter (and to a lesser extent, MySpace (s NWS)) so dominant, will people need or want to sign up for another online social service? Facebook is expanding it social viewing presence, and Hulu has increased the social capabilities of its site. There’s also Watchitoo, Meebo, ClipSync and View2Gether. Will there be room for Gleedo?

Gleedo is quick to point out that it does more than just social viewing, which is true, but people have more than enough ways to communicate with each other (email, IM, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, etc.). So it will have to make a pretty compelling argument to get people to sign up for something new en masse.

Emerj, the company behind Gleedo, plans to generate revenue with the service through premium accounts that will include private media storage lockers, advertising and charging a subscription to people who plan to use the service as a consultancy hub (making presentations, sharing Power Points, etc.).

Based in New Jersey, Emerj is a privately seed-funded company that formed in 2005 and currently has 11 employees. The Gleedo brand came out in 2008 and launched its alpha a little over a month ago. It plans to release the Gleedo beta in September.

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