From Windows 7 Back to XP on the Toshiba NB205 Netbook

windows-7-logoI know I haven’t mentioned it lately, but I started my Mac diet just over a week ago. On Aug. 6th, I got my early access to the final build of Windows 7 and I installed it on a second partition of my new netbook. Since then, I’ve used the Toshiba NB205 as my primary computer — 10-12 hours a day, both at the home office and at various mobile locations. I did upgrade the memory to 2GB earlier this week, which is simple to do. One screw holds the memory cover — simply remove the screw, replace the included 1GB RAM module with a 2GB stick and secure the cover. It literally takes two minutes.

I was humming along with Windows 7 for most of this past week. And then something happened. My browser crawled to a stop yesterday. I’m not sure what changed — if anything — but it was like someone had secretly snuck into my netbook and swapped the 2GB stick with a 256MB module. The CPU kept hitting 100 percent, so browser tabs were taking 15 seconds or more to render content. That’s a productivity killer for what I do, and after a few hours of torture yesterday, I went back to Windows XP. I’ll have to go back and review the situation over this weekend, but I’ll be darned if I can even imagine what happened. It’s a disappointing situation, as my Windows 7 experiences so far have been pretty awesome. Hopefully the cause is both minor and fixable. The first thing I’m going to do is try a few different browsers. I was using Google Chrome as I find it to be one of the fastest for the sites I hit. Internet Explorer 8 was sluggish by comparison at first, so perhaps I’ll go back to IE8 temporarily and then test Firefox.

I know there’s a few other folks that are working with Windows 7 on netbooks right now. Have any of you seen this behavior in the RTM build on your hardware?


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