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Cutting Carbon at $365 per Ton (Ouch!): University of California-Davis professor Christopher Knittel calculated how much we’re spending for each ton of carbon dioxide saved through the cash-for-clunkers program, and “It ain’t pretty.” — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Group of Two: China and the U.S. are the world’s dominant producers of carbon emissions, and “only a collaboration between the two will create an environment where clean-energy technologies can thrive.” — McKinsey Quarterly

Tesla Roadsters in Drag: “Grapevine murmurings and viral video of Roadsters hitting the dragstrip are emerging online.” You can check out the pumped up Roadster Sport model at high speed here. — Wired’s Autopia

Cash for Clunkers vs. High Speed Rail: Eric Morris argues that the pluses of cash for clunkers outweigh the minuses, while the prospects for stimulus spending on high-speed rail to help “cool down the ice caps while heating up the economy” are not as bright. — NYT’s Freakonomics

Lessons from Across the Pond: “Europe made a major commitment under the Kyoto protocol that U.S. conservatives have been telling us for years they would never achieve. It now seems clear they will meet their commitment under the terms of the protocol.” — Climate Progress