UK Mag Sales Down 21.5 Percent So Far This Year

I’d hate to say “death of print”, but the bright spots in Thursday’s magazine ABC circulation figures for H109 were few and far between: the report shows the industry sold and gave away 63.76 million copies in the half, which is 17.46 million fewer copies on average than in H208, a volume decline of 21.5 percent. Just nine out of 43 sectors posted positive period-on-period rises, with women’s general interest titles (down 14.4 percent) and men’s lifestyle mag (down 7.3 percent) both faring badly.

IPC online stats: ABC hasn’t quite moved to include online metrics in its six-monthly mag report, but some publishers release their own anyway: IPC Media says its Ignite division, home to, and, attracted a monthly average of 10.7 million unique users a month — 4.5 million of that is from casual gaming site which it bought last summer.

Future mag closure: Hobby-based mag publisher Future has shut PlayStation World magazine 10 years after its launch and six years after its acquisition by Future. It had a circulation of around 24,000 the title, but Future already publishes the Official PlayStation Magazine and another unofficial PlayStation mag, PSM3, so the publisher has consolidated its interests in the sector. Future’s games publisher James Binns puts it down to “decreasing demand. From