The iPhone Wrap: Sony/iLike's New App; Id's Aggressive iPhone Game Strategy

For all the talk about Apple’s restrictive approval policies for iPhone apps — big companies and indie developers just keep launching new ones:

— Sony (NYSE: SNE) has teamed up with social music service iLike to launch the iLike Challenge App, a quiz/game that tests the user’s knowledge of Sony Music artists like Britney Spears, Outkast and John Mayer.

Users can play solo or against each other, and seems a bit like the “name that track” game that came with the original iPod Minis. The $2.99 app may kill some time for music lovers that haven’t downloaded any other fun apps — but it seems mostly like a funnel to drive people back to iTunes so they can buy more tracks.

— EA Mobile and Quake developer Id Software have launched the Wolfenstein RPG app, Id’s first iPhone-based role-playing game. And Id plans to launch a new iPhone game every other month, per Gamasutra.

The developer has a three-prong iPhone game strategy: Id will port classics like Doom to the handset, RPGs (like Wolfenstein), as well as create new games specifically tailored to the iPhone’s mechanics.