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We Need More Than Video to Drive Upstream Upgrades

Stacey's skinny upstream pipe
Stacey's skinny upstream pipe

Internet Service Providers are beginning to focus on upstream speeds as subscribers change their online behavior from consuming online content to producing it. Upstream demand is on the rise thanks to online storage services, video uploads and yes, file sharing, but for consumers to truly pay attention to their upstream pipes someone needs to build products that get everyday consumers to experience true pipe envy.

Video is boosting upstream data, which is why Cisco (s csco) is so pumped about its purchase of the Flip camera maker Pure Digital (more demand for bandwidth on the upload and download side means Cisco can sell more gear), but what else is out there? These aren’t the dot-com bubble years. Operators won’t invest in upstream capacity unless users want to pay for it.

In a long view article I wrote over at GigaOM Pro (subscription required), I list some services that may get consumers to both demand (and pay for) fatter upstream pipes such as broadband burglar alarms, home telepresence, and medical monitoring, but what will make you upgrade?

2 Responses to “We Need More Than Video to Drive Upstream Upgrades”

  1. Online Backup. I have over ~150 GB backed up online right now, and that took just way too long … faster upstream would definitely better. The only thing I’m worried about then is also if the servers can handle it. After all what good is the upstream if the server restricts it?