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Startup Joyent Sells BingoDisk and Strongspace

bingodisklogo.gifJoyent, a Sausalito, Calif.-based startup that began as a hosting service company with designs on web applications, has decided to sell off two of its services — BingoDisk and Strongspace — to ExpanDrive. Joyent is now transitioning towards becoming a “cloud services” provider focusing on web applications. “As Joyent has grown, we’ve been pulling back from pure consumer offerings to focus more on our infrastructure offerings,” the company said today on its blog.

The service migration is going to start Aug. 17. If you want to switch to the new storage provider, you don’t need to do anything: the switch will happen automagically. “We’re not scuttling these services – we’ve taken control and rebuilt them into a second version,” said Jeff Mancuso, CEO of Expandrive, a company that sells  ExpanDrive software –  an SFTP client for Mac and Windows and lets you mount the remote server as a network drive. “We’re turning this into an iDisk killer – it’s extremely fast and reliable. It feels like a USB key,”

If you don’t want to sign up with ExpanDrive, you have until Sept. 30 to download the data. Since I don’t know Expandrive very well, I am going to have to find an alternative. I have been using BingoDisk for so long that I have accumulated tens of gigabytes of data as backup. Downloading it and then re-backing it again doesn’t look like a fun exercise. Thank god for a big, fat broadband pipe — it might actually get done. The question is, where to keep it all? For syncing between computers I use Dropbox, but it doesn’t have a backup-only option. So maybe Jungle Disk?

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  1. Was it last year or the year before that Strongspace went down and was inaccessible for a couple of weeks? At the time Joyent shut the service down to new signups and let users know they were re-architecting the service to prevent future outages. That’s pretty much when I stopped using my Strongspace account (which I have a lifetime subscription to).

    Strongspace has been dead to me until this announcement. What’s curious is that I never did hear anything about the service being re-architected. I might give it another look, but I doubt I’ll be putting any important data there.

  2. As a currently satisfied Mac owner using Backblaze, I’d still have to agree with Jeff Mancuso there. Switching when the service or infrastructure itself itself isn’t changing doesn’t seem like a good use of your time. Also, the title of this post, “Startup Joyent Ends BingoDisk and Strongspace,” would indicate the two storage offerings are shutting down. I’m glad I read the whole article to learn otherwise.

  3. Om – these serves are not dying – they’re being reborn.

    We’ve been making ExpanDrive for 5 years now – and it’s an infinitely better solution to disk in the cloud than iDisk [webdav]. It’s fast, secure, and reliable. More info:

    Joyent is still providing all the infrastructure for the service – we’re just stepping in to turn it into what it always should have been . Don’t give up hope and pass your data off to S3 – give us some input on what you want your ideal service to look like. Shoot us an email or give us a call.