Ghost Busters to Hit YouTube Tonight at 9 PM

Aw, YouTube, you’re cute when you try to play coy. After posting the following on the official YouTube Twitter account — “We’ve got a special film debuting on YouTube tonight at 9 p.m. PT. Follow our tweets for cryptic clues throughout the day.” — it’s followed up with the following “clues”:

# Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

#The traveler has come.

#Are you the Keymaster?

What’s next, “Who you gonna call?” YouTube’s definition of cryptic is downright adorable.

That aside, this marks YouTube’s continued move towards emphasizing premium content, with one interesting catch. Ghost Busters (please tell me that by now you’d figured out it was Ghost Busters) is already online in full at, and has been available there for over a year.

However, if you wait another few hours, you’ll be able to enjoy Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd on a less awkward player that will potentially allow for embedding. Will Crackle take down their version? Insert your own pun about haunting here.

UPDATE 10:30 PM PST: What a twist! Turns out that Crackle itself posted the full version of Ghost Busters to YouTube on their channel. Embedding is disabled.


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