Daily Sprout


GM to Invest $43M to Build Battery Plant: General Motors said today it will invest $43 million to build a lithium-ion battery pack assembly plant in Brownstone, Mich. for its extended-range electric Chevy Volt and other plug-in vehicles. — Reuters

Cap-and-Trade Inventors Call for Carbon Tax: The group of economists behind the original concept for a cap-and-trade system are questioning the effectiveness of implementing it at large scale to limit greenhouse gas emissions. They recommend using a carbon tax instead. — Wall Street Journal

REV Aims for $45K Electric Conversions: Rapid Electric Vehicles aims to convert 10 fleet vehicles to pure electric drive by the end of this year, and more than 100 in 2010. When it gets to orders for at least 100 conversions, CEO Jay Giraud expects the cost to drop to the mid-$40K range, down from $68,000. — AutoblogGreen

GE Wins Turbine Patent Dispute: The U.S. International Trade Commission handed down a ruling this month that “points toward strong protection for intellectual property” in a dispute involving allegations of infringement on General Electric’s patents for wind turbine technology. — ClimateIntel

A Role for Battery Recycling, Even Before Plug-ins Take Off: Demonstrating the capacity to recycle lithium “will be key to showing that electric vehicles are truly ‘green’–both emission-free in operation and sustainable in design.” — MIT Technology Review

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