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JanRain Raises $1 Million In Funding For OpenID Products

Online identity management tech firm JanRain has raised $1 million worth in a first round of funding, according to an SEC filing — part of a $3 million round. JanRain’s products integrate OpenID, a universal profile that lets people use one screen name to access content and accounts on multiple sites.

DFJ Frontier founder and managing director David Cremin is now listed as a board member — and the VC firm recently set up shop in Portland, where JanRain is based (per Northwest Innovation) — so that appears to be where at least some of the investment came from; we’re trying to confirm.

Social networks and media companies are increasingly moving toward open profile standards (like OpenID and OAuth) as a way to boost their reach (and potential ad revenues). Companies like Sears, K-mart and Interscope Records are currently using JanRain’s OpenID-based technology; the startup also gives third-party developers free access to its programming libraries.