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If The Apple Tablet Exists, It Is A Big iPhone — Not A Scaled Down Laptop

An Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) Tablet does indeed exist, reports Gizmodo, which believes it received information from a high-level source.

While the source, wasn’t exactly forthcoming about all the nitty gritty details about the gadget, it did provide this much detail: the tablet will look like a big iPhone and will cost $700 to $900 (which clearly puts it out of the netbook price range). True to Apple’s word, this is clearly not a small laptop, which Apple has ridiculed to no end.

Gizmodo reports that the device will have a 10 inch screen, and will have the same black resin back and the familiar home button as an iPhone. It will come in two editions, one with a webcam and one for educational use (whatever that means). To justify the extra cost, the Tablet may be used as a secondary screen for iMacs and MacBooks. It’s unclear when it might be ready, but it seems it could be timed with this holiday season. Separately, AllThingsD is reporting that multiple music industry sources are saying that Apple is planning one of its big-deal events for the week of Sept. 7.

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