Nokia, Samsung, LG Gain Handset Share in Q2


While second-quarter mobile phone sales fell 6 percent from the same period last year, sales of smartphones surged 27 percent, according to new a Gartner report, making it the fastest-growing mobile devices category. On a sequential basis, Nokia (s nok), Samsung and LG — the top three handset manufacturers — all gained market share from the first quarter of 2009, largely at the expense of Motorola (s mot) and Sony Ericsson (s sne) (s ericy). The top three also showed sequential growth in handset sales, while the number of devices sold by both Motorola and Ericsson fell from the first quarter.

Worldwide Share Worldwide Units (M)
Q109 Q209 Q109 Q209
Nokia 36.20% 36.80% 97.4 105.4
Samsung 19.10% 19.30% 51.4 55.4
LG 9.90% 10.70% 26.5 30.5
Motorola 6.20% 5.60% 16.6 15.9
Sony Ericsson 5.40% 4.70% 14.5 13.6
Others 23.40% 23.00% 62.7 65.3
Total 100.00% 100.00% 269.1 286.1



Why is others clumped at 23.4% ? I think RIMM, Apple and HTC will have more sales than the Moto / Sony which are featured here …


Motorola & Sony-Ericsson are just plain sad. I can’t recall any good news about either in recent memory.

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