Cultured Code Announces a Roadmap-That’s-Not-a-Roadmap


I’m a huge fan of Cultured Code’s Things (both on the desktop and iPhone). A few weeks ago, I sent them what I thought to be a simple question: “Can I sync Things on the iPhone with two different desktops?” I’m giving some thought to getting a netbook and hackintoshing it and was curious if I could sync Things with it and my MacBook. I got back a response along these lines: “Not yet, but we’re working on it.”

In a recent blog post titled “This is not a roadmap,” Cultured Code, um, laid out a roadmap — kinda, sorta, maybe. Its “a roadmap by any other name” hints at the following upcoming features:

  • Things 1.2 for the desktop (due out in about two weeks) will improve keyboard support, especially shortcuts and tabbing behavior. Why the focus on keyboard shortcuts, you might ask? “Well, you’ll see when we release 1.2,” they said.
  • After 1.2, they will have more gerbils to feed the wheel, err, developers to code Things, and the feature set for the following release hints at fun things: Over-the-air sync, performance, bug fixes, easier collaboration,mixed projects, and better communication of how dates work.

They claim they’ve been working on over-the-air syncing for a while, especially a method not requiring MobileMe (or any WebDAV). One of the issues I have with how Things on the iPhone currently works is there’s no push notification of tasks due today; while there is a badge count, I must open the app to have it refresh. In the blog post, Cultured Code promises version 1.5 of Things for the iPhone and Touch will have push notifications — they are currently at version 1.3, so this could take some time. An over-the-air sync that will allow me to keep my iPhone and multiple Macs up to date would thrill me.

Collaboration I’m less interested in. While I do use Things to manage projects at work, I’m the only user of Things, so this is of limited value to me. Mixed projects it claims are “the ability for active projects to also contain inactive and scheduled items.” I’m not 100 percent sure what it means by that, but if it helps me remember the status report I keep forgetting to do every week, I won’t complain.

You can read more about the changes in this blog post. According to a follow-up comment by the developers, all 1.x updates will be free updates. As a gigantic Things user, I’m looking forward to upcoming releases.


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