Safari 4.0.3 Released



Just over a month since Safari 4.0.2 made its way into Software Update, Safari 4.0.3 has arrived for Mac and Windows. The update weighs in at 40.5MB and will require a restart.

In addition to the boiler plate “improvements to stability, compatibility and security,” Safari 4.0.3 purports to address:

  • Stability improvements for webpages that use the HTML 5 video tag
  • Fixes an issue that prevented some users from logging into
  • Fixes an issue that could cause web content to be displayed in greyscale instead of color

Additionally, security content includes several fixes relating to visiting a “maliciously crafted website” where unexpected arbitrary code execution hijinks may ensue. For those like myself who use Top Sites, without this update it is possible for a “malicious website to promote arbitrary sites into the Top Sites view through automated actions.” This could be used to facilitate a phishing attack, or possibly get you in trouble with a spouse if porn thumbnails starts showing up in your Top Sites.



I miss:

#1: Refresh button on the left…
#2: Optional setting for old school loading progressing bar

I wish:

#1: Unique URL/Search bar (like Google Chrome)… I really like that!


I’m happy with the updates and fixes, bravo to the responsible developer, however I still won’t use Safari until it has an option to automatically restore all tabs and windows on startup as Firefox does.

And no, the option in History doesn’t cut the mustard; if I startup and then quit without having clicked on it, I’ve lost a whole bunch of things I was saving for later reading and now have to hunt through to find again.

Not merely a “nice to have” but an essential in today’s online life. Firefox will continue to rule the roost for the time being.

oliver ward

how about fixing the bug where using the keyboard shortcut to close a tab often results in closing all tabs.
how about fixing the speed too while you’re at it apple. i could run there faster


I don’t like the fact that Safari is getting so many updates since the launch of safari 4. It shows it was rushed.

Charles Jade

That tab has been permanently closed, I think. Personally, I really miss the URL loading bar of questionable accuracy, not to mention the refresh button on the left.


I am going back to Firefox, since the URL display and the refresh button have been removed from Safari.

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