Apple Reintroduces 15-inch MacBook Pro Matte Screen Option


Good news for those of you who were holding out for a matte screen option from Apple (s aapl) on something other than the most expensive, 17-inch MacBook Pro, and bad news for image and video professionals who already bit the bullet and picked up a 15-incher recently. Apple now offers a matte screen option on the 15-inch model.


The new customization option appeared sometime early this morning in Apple’s online store, and allows you to choose an “Antiglare Widescreen Display,” instead of the usual “Glossy” option, for an additional $50. For those unaware, the modification also rids your computer of the pretty black bezel that frames the notebook’s screen, and instead introduces a silver bezel that looks decidedly old school. Aesthetics aside, though, the antiglare option is reportedly a thousand times better for professional usage, and if you find the new glossy optical glass displays distracting.

This is a good sign that despite a recent rash of anti-Apple sentiment even from normally vocal supporters, myself included, over App Store disappointments, Cupertino is still very much committed to giving its users what they want, at least on the hardware side of things. People clamored for the option, and Apple clearly heard the complaints and delivered. I suspect it’s willing to broaden the availability of that option to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, too, if demand appears strong enough and the introduction of the 15-inch option proves beneficial to its bottom line.

Even though Apple’s willing to grant you the antiglare option, it seems like it would rather you didn’t, as is clear from its wonderful little piece of subtle copywriting: “Choose a standard glossy display that lets you view graphics, photos, and videos with richer colors and deeper blacks, or an optional antiglare display.” Wow, they sure do make that antiglare display sound…optional.



I have a 13″ MBP. Wondering if Apple will ever introduce the Matt option for smaller macbooks? I currently use a stick on filter thing. Works good but it does diffuse some of the colors I think.


Just ordered the MBP 15inch with glossy…i will say that when my wife first got her MB with a glossy screen, I was annoyed that every finger print showed up on it. However, what I did like was how vibrant everything looked….i think each is six of one, half-dozen of another……..that being said after chalking up over $3100 for this computer I better love the glossy!! :-)


DoctorG, will you let me know how you love it or not after you get it? I actually have to make my decision by tomorrow, as Apple is waiting on me. I went into Apple yesterday. They both look great but Glossy is beautiful. However, I write a lot and everyone seems to be complaining of eye strain and glare and I like to sit outside and I can work well with my matte screen, but do not know about glossy. I hope you love yours. Congrats!


I am sending my MacBook Pro (2008 model) in for a replacement. I have the “matte” screen and I’ve been fine with it. However, I saw the glossy and I think the colors look so vibrant BUT, will my eyes become strained if I’m writing for hours at a time and, will I regret not getting the anti-glare? Everyone I know who has glossy, doesn’t seem to mind it. iMacs, Macbooks and MBP’s. I just know myself. If I get the anit-glare, will I be sorry I didn’t get glossy and if I get glossy, will it drive me bananas? HELP!

yuri rodin

I like the glossy. That way I can see if anyone is sneaking up from behind.


Are the Matte screens still made of glass???? Because mine cracked out from the frame and they won’t cover it. To me a glass screen on a laptop was a concern and that was confirmed. I just wonder if they got a matte screen and it is not glass I think they maybe charging the extra dough because they will lose out on replacement costs. Which by the way is over half the value of your new computer. Insain. I’m living with the crack but I’m really bummed.


Good going, Apple! Finally! Thanks for listening.

– written on behalf of the many audio professionals who cannot work with glossy screens

Chaim Singer-Frankes

So I just bought one of these, and it hasn’t come yet in the mail. As I await my new toy excitedly and just over 2,200 beans closer to bankruptcy I should add, it is curious that I choose the after purchase moment to actually read something about the darn thing. It’s an apple product. That’s how brainwashed I am, thank you very much. I’ve worked in a variety of environments, but none so consistently creative and smart as the crucible of ideas, dedication to quality and loyalty of customer base which constitue the cornerstone of the Cupertino firm. On that basis alone, it was just a question of which screen (anti-glare), which drive (320 7200), and which RAM (4GB arghhhh).

The rest of the time I spent fantasizing. I didn’t fantasize when I bought the HP for my wife, which I’ve been using alot lately―the computer, that is. The HP whatever whatever with the litescribe thingy that we’ve never used and Windows Vista (my lord, don’t even get me started on this masterpiece of blech) is actually a solid gadget. I suspect if it were running XP Office 2000, I would respect it even more. But this is about relationships. I love my wife. I probably should have purchased a 13″ Macbook for her. Alas, I made a mistake. Hate it when that happens.

What sits at the floor near my desk currently is a Mac G4 withy dual 1ghz processors. It is a really fine machine. I did a fair chunk of art on that old mirror-doored workhorse; like a tube of toothpaste I squeezed it out. I feel guilty buying another Mac, it’s such a luxury. Wow. Now I ask you, would I feel this way about purchasing an Acer woopty hoop?

This is all about feeling good with the toy.


I like the glossy for editing photos and watching videos/stills. The supposed ‘non glare’ option, to my eye, is the same as all glare, albeit subdued.



The “now shut the hell up” option, I like that. I imagine the next scandal will be Snowleopard’s defaulting to 2.2 gamma—I want my washed out colors! (and no, being able to easily change it won’t stop the bitching) The old-school 1.8 always annoyed the hell out of me, the first thing I do on a new Mac is change the gamma.

I dig my 15″ glossy unibody. I don’t find the glare that bad and I really like the richer colors.

Does anyone know how durable the matte screens are? I have one on my old iMac, every time I clean it I get paranoid I’m gonna either break it or scruff it up something fierce. Is that purely my perception, or are matte screens harder to maintain?


lol…well said!

but just one more thing…how about offering the option on the 13 inch MBP? then I will shut up for sure :)


This is good! I hate their glossy screens and was rather worried that I’ll have to stick with a glossy screen when I buy a new computer.

Kevin Menard

“. . . Cupertino is still very much committed to giving its users what they want, at least on the hardware side of things.”

That’s an interesting take on the matter. Apple removed the option while downplaying its customers concerns (I won’t go so far as to say they didn’t consider the potential issues) and then finally added in back in at an extra cost of $50. So you now get to pay for what every other laptop manufacturer, Apple included at one point, give you for free.

Jose A. Mari-Mutt

The glossy displays of the MBPs are, for my taste, way too glossy. I bought one of these computers recently and returned it the next day. I like to work in a rocking chair in my terrace and seeing the background moving up and down was unacceptable. I traded the computer for a MacBook Air, which does not have the super glossy glass over the screen.

TJ Draper

It’s about time they listened to their consumers!!! I hate the gloss, always have. I have alwasy opted to get their matte displays even when I had the option for glossy on my current MacBook Pro. In fact, I had almost got out to the car with my current MacBook Pro when I realized it said glossy on the box. The Apple store employee had gotten me the wrong box. I took it back in and exchanged it right there.

Now if they’ll just put the card slot back where it belongs!

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