Xtorrent 2 Preview Now Available



David Wantanabe has announced that a preview of his torrenting program, Xtorrent 2, is now available. If you purchased Xtorrent Pro with lifetime upgrades, it will be a free upgrade when it’s released. While it says preview, it’s still a beta for all intents and purposes.

“Xtorrent 2 is now available as a public preview from the Xtorrent 2 preview web site. This has been extensively tested over the last two weeks by private testers (many thanks!) and is in good shape for wider testing.”

Wantanabe announced some of the new features in an earlier blog post on his site.

“Xtorrent 2 features a brand new torrent engine named Xcore. This engine has been designed exclusively for Mac OS X and written in 100 percent Cocoa. The result is a lightweight, powerful, and very stable download engine that supports torrent extensions such as encrypted message streams. I made the choice to use the very latest in Cocoa technologies, hence Mac OS X Leopard is now a requirement. Xtorrent 2 opens up the search feature. In Xtorrent 1.x, search was a closed box over which the user had no control. Xtorrent 2 changes this by letting the user opt in or out of specific search providers, and even extend it by adding their own.”

The search feature would come in handy for looking for various Linux distros you’re having a hard time finding. You can download the preview here, with the usual disclaimers about downloading beta software and making sure that while you may be downloading content with it that may make a nun blush, you’re observing all applicable trademarks, copyrights, and destination charges.



Yeah i have to agree with most of the posts. I had version 1.0 and it was OK, not great. So i was excited about this new “improved” version.

Its useless, incredibly slow to find torrents, about 10 different updates have come out in the last few weeks and even when downloads are complete it moves them to my trash.

Thank god i didnt buy the upgrade. Transmission seems the best doesnt have a search feature but hell it works.

Claus Reymers

I am using torrent software for the first time. This version of xtorrent 2.0 (v95) is always using 100% of my CPU so my iMac G4 becomes unusable. Also, it takes days to weeks to download larger files. Anyone having the same problem with the CPU usage?


I have been an Xtorrent user for a long time. I started having problems with it in Leopard (don’t recall specifically what version). I recently upgraded to Xtorrent 2.0 and paid full price (again) for Pro. This software is a total joke. DON’T BUY IT! IT DOESN’T WORK. I attempted to download a large file over the weekend. The torrent was part of a very large swarm. I expected things to go quickly. But Xtorrent quickly got bogged down. Soon my entire system became unresponsive. I opened a terminal window and discovered Xtorrent was suck 200% CPU cycles (8-core Mac). I tried downloading the same torrent with FREE Transmission and in less than five minutes I had more data dowloaded with Transmission than I did all weekend on Xtorrent. I want my money back, but as many have already said, Wantanabe doesn’t respond to his paying customers … he just takes their money. Don’t make the same mistake I did.


downloaded 2 for free because i had the first one. i have to say the downloads and searches are really fast, some movies are getting 800 kb/s. great app!!!!


I bought version 1 several years ago, and over the course of several OS X updates, version 1 broke. He never explained or made ANY attempt to fix the bugs, didn’t respond to emails, and even deleted comments I made on his blog asking about it.

I’m on Snow Leopard now, on a 2.66 MBP and just downloaded V2 to see what it was like, and it’s insanely fast at searching. Blazing. But… still, I’m not buying it because David was an ass, and I can search for torrents myself for free.


I purchased xtorrent2 and it’s not what I expected. I had much higher expectations, it’s slow and frequently doesn’t download the entire file.


Transmission is good, but I’d say it’s far from awesome, as it has severe UI problems.


I second the question; what’s wrong with Transmissions’ UI?


I guess he feels that its not very… Utilitarian. I use uTorrent on Windows and Transmission on OS X. Sometimes I prefer what uTorrent does because you can see it as one big statistic like… Thing. Sorry I’m not describing it properly, I just don’t have the words right now haha. If you have a lot of Torrents using Transmission, its kinda hard sorting through them, whereas uTorrent, all the information is right there in a statistic like form. Transmission is minimalistic, hence, you should use it if you’re good at cleaning it up, keeping only a few torrents downloading at a time. uTorrent for more Torrent heavy downloaders.


There is no significant difference between 1.0 and 2.0, and yet he expects that people who bought 1.0 pay again for 2.0… come on! there’s not even a discount for 1.0 owners, you just have to pay full price again!


People who bought the 1.0 (or 1.1) and opted for the “lifetime upgrades” get 2.0 pro for free. Use your original Activation Code and it’ll work. :)


I didn’t have to pay again, I just entered the activation code from1.0 that was in my old emails


Hmm, how long before he realises there’s no market for this and discontinues it like he did Newsfire?

Transmission is free and is awesome. Thanks David, but I’m not interested.

Robert Hutwohl

I had so many complaints about the older app of his and he never responded to any of my questions. That seemed to me to be a state of arrogance on his part.

I say use Transmission, a very fine torrent application.


Yeah, I think ill just keep using my windows partition for torrents.


“The search feature would come in handy for looking for various Linux distros you’re having a hard time finding” – this one made me laugh, really


Lol. It’d be funny if someone with uTorrent got a torrent of this so that they got it for free.


I am not paying 25 dollars for search. Stick with Transmission or uTorrent people.

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