Xtorrent 2 Preview Now Available


David Wantanabe has announced that a preview of his torrenting program, Xtorrent 2, is now available. If you purchased Xtorrent Pro with lifetime upgrades, it will be a free upgrade when it’s released. While it says preview, it’s still a beta for all intents and purposes.

“Xtorrent 2 is now available as a public preview from the Xtorrent 2 preview web site. This has been extensively tested over the last two weeks by private testers (many thanks!) and is in good shape for wider testing.”

Wantanabe announced some of the new features in an earlier blog post on his site.

“Xtorrent 2 features a brand new torrent engine named Xcore. This engine has been designed exclusively for Mac OS X and written in 100 percent Cocoa. The result is a lightweight, powerful, and very stable download engine that supports torrent extensions such as encrypted message streams. I made the choice to use the very latest in Cocoa technologies, hence Mac OS X Leopard is now a requirement. Xtorrent 2 opens up the search feature. In Xtorrent 1.x, search was a closed box over which the user had no control. Xtorrent 2 changes this by letting the user opt in or out of specific search providers, and even extend it by adding their own.”

The search feature would come in handy for looking for various Linux distros you’re having a hard time finding. You can download the preview here, with the usual disclaimers about downloading beta software and making sure that while you may be downloading content with it that may make a nun blush, you’re observing all applicable trademarks, copyrights, and destination charges.


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