Windows 7 Runs XP in Virtual Machine– Sony Says Not Here

notebook5121_003012One of the best inclusions in Windows 7 is the ability to run XP in a virtual machine. This move by Microsoft is to insure that customers who have programs that will only run in XP can still be used under Windows 7. This is a great way to address the need to run XP from time to time — except on Sony VAIO laptops. The notebook maker has admitted it has disabled the virtualization technology (VT) built into Intel processors for “security reasons.”

We’re not talking about disabling it by default, no, Sony has deemed it wise to make it impossible to ever run VT on VAIO laptops. When will companies learn that customers do not want functions disabled on purchased products, especially expensive ones? In response to the building uproar, Sony is now backing down slightly and stating that they will enable VT on “select” VAIO models in the future, although they are not elaborating on which ones. It’s just one other thing to check into before buying that new notebook. Sheesh.

(via CNET)


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